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Helmet Brazilian Person 12b of depth

  • Ref: c_2120
Helmet Brazilian Person 12b of depth.

"Officina Mechananica, Charles Person, Rua Augusta Queriroz-9 to Sao Paolo.

The predominant use of the helmets,Person in 3m to 40m depths rivers, was for the finding of gems. We do not rule out various uses due to the large size of the Brazilian coast and its numerous rivers.

The first manufactured helmets Person were for fluvial use, for shallow rivers ... that is to say for "garimbos", prospectors of gold, diamonds and precious stones in the numerous rivers of the Brazilian territory.

The helmets Person with 12 bolts , were manufactured later at the request of the Brazilian Navy for the sea, their number was very limited due to the emergence of autonomous diving with bottle, which left them quickly out of use.
Person helmets with 12 bolts, as indicated above, were requested by the Brazilian Navy for use at sea, offering the following advantages:

Greater resistance, great visibility, expulsion valve - air adjustment, system of screwing to the suit with 12 bots or screws, telephone communication system, with a weight of 23,560 approx.

All this implied greater security and comfort in its use, despite its manufacture was very limited due to the apearinq of diving with bottles
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