We are at your disposal to organize vintage exhibitions of old diving equipment, from a complete diver's equipment to the classic diver's equipment from more than 16 countries, of the most famous Siebe Gorman, Mark V, Draeger, Nemrod, Person ,. .. all original pieces from the AntiqueDiveHelmets collection.

The number of pieces to be exhibited, their quality and other details will be agreed upon in the negotiation depending on who organizes it, the type of premises, etc.
If you belong to a cultural association, museum, town hall, federation, sports club, etc. now you have the opportunity to present one of the most important private collections in Europe EUROPE.

It can be complemented with lectures on: sunken treasures, vintage material, scuba diving, history of ancient diving, diving books, underwater photographic machines, ...
Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Thanks for your interest

DURATION: Flexible (2 days ... up to 3 months)
PRICE: contact us
CONTACT: info@antiquedivehelmets.com
  • We will show original items from AntiqueDiveHelmets collection.
  • Ask us for more details.