I have been a full-time commercial diver since 1970, working in operations such as building bridges, breakwaters and discharge outlets, dynamiting, as well as multiple salvaging operations. More than 20,000 underwater hours underpin my love for "underwater exploration". I worked as a professional red coral diver (corallium rubrum). A silent witness of this period is the 1250 gr. branch I still keep as a memory of those wonderful days.

I am the director of the Snorkel Diving Center, the most modern and best-equipped dive center in Europe.

Since the day I first came into contact with a diving helmet, one of my passions has been to collect them and study the history and the person related to each one of them; this mysterious ring with a taste of the sea.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those collaborators from around the world who, with their day-to-day and silent help, have made it possible for me to collect... a little bit of history.

My special gratitude to all those who have, day in and day out, helped and advised me about how to choose and classify the articles I obtained.

My collection would be worthless if it were not for their valuable help. Thank you everybody.

The search for diving helmets is on.

Count on us.

Hola soy español y esta es mi colección de piezas de buzo clásico originales que actualmente esta en mi poder. Estoy abierto a proposiciones de compra, de venta i de intercambio, podeis contactar conmigo: email
Hello, I am Spanish and this is my collection of original classic diver pieces that is currently in my possession. I am open to proposals of purchase, sale and exchange, you can contact me: email
Hola je suis espagnol et c'est ma collection de pièces originales de plongeur classique (pieds lourds) qu'actuellement ils sont dans mon pouvoir. Je suis ouvert aux propositions d'achat, de vente et d'échange,, vous pouvez me contacter avec moi au: email
Hallo ich bin Spanisch und dises ist meine Sammlung von Stücken der ursprünglichen klassischen Taucher. Alle sind mein Eigentum. Ich bin offen für Vorschläge, kaufen, verkaufen und tauschen, können Sie mit mir Kontakt auf: email
中国人购买旧城镇-move供应和价格,谢谢: email
한국인들은 헬멧 을 antiguoa - 통과 와 공급 가격을 구매: email
私は日本のヘルメットに、古いパスの供給と価格感謝を買います: email