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Morse MKV for Argentine Army

  • Ref: c_2067
Beatutiful MKV manufactured by Morse for the Argentine Army. Confirmed with Morse, during any years Morse and Schareder manufeactured MKV helmets for the Argentine Army. These helmets was shipped to Peru then on to Argentina. These helmets are exactly like the MKV US Navy except in the safety pin or Dumb-bell lock and the manetags which are engraved with differents serial numbers and put it in Spanish “ Marina de Guerra”.

These helmet was used for the Argentine Army in deep sea diving, while for shallow water diving they used no bolt french helmets.

In these helmets very rarely the numbers match. If there are numbers on the neckring it was manufactured by Morse. If there are no numbers on the neckring it was most likely manufactured by Schrader.

Another beautiful and different example of MK V helmet.
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