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The Japanese company TOA started its activity manufacturing diving material in 1909 in the city of Minamisenji, near Tokyo. In 1924 it become a Limited Company, under the direction of Kintaro Sano.

The Company specialized in all kinds of diving equipment, changing its name in 1944 by the Toa Diving Equipment, Co. Ltd. A few months later the Imperial Japanese Navy took over the running of the factory and with 50 workers only it was going up to being number one in the manufacture of diving equipment in Japan. It also specialized in the training of divers. TOA manufactured 12 bolt helmets with a round breastplate and also with the square breastplate of pearlers. The company is actually still in activity.

The crown visible in the upper part of the hull revealed that fabricación fue su manually with hammer and with no release.

In the top of the plate appears the Inscription Minamisenji (city headquarters of the company) in the center appears TOA and in the lower part Diving Equipment Company.
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