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Nemrod el Cazador - Rey de Babilonia

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The 12 bolt Nemrod helmets were build by the workshop of Nemrod S.A. in Barcelona (Spain).
See Nemrod helmet nr. 2047

Nemrod helm with 12 bolts, "Nemrod el cazador Rey de Babilonia!
The Nemrod helms with 12 bolts can be found with two different labels and with small structural changes. The biggest improvement over the other helmets of his time were the O-rings situated between helmet and corselet, and in the front window. The O-ring of the helm was made with black synthetic rubber (neopren), with a thickness of 7mm and a diameter of 227 cm, ensuring an absolute waterproof connection that was much better and reliable than the old leather seals that needed new grease after each dive.

In his label we can see the hunter wearing his babilonian hat and charging the bow, together with the inscription of "Nemrod el cazador" * "Rey de Babilonia". This is de oldest model, from about 1938 sold to the Spanish Navy, who asked to be provided with english security valves made by Siebe Gorman.

Weight is 22,700kg, has two oval sidewindows with protections and a frontwindow with a dome-shaped glass similar to that of the old french helmets. Is marked with "110", and the same inscription is also in the inner side of the collaret, in the inner side of the helmet and in the air hose connection. The security valve looks like the typical english valve required by the Spanish Navy for security.

Origin of his name.
The Book of the Genesis (950 aC or 1480 aC, depending from the researchers) talk about Nemrod (or Nimrod) , son of Cush , grandson of Cam and grand-grandson of Noah. He was the founder of the first Kingdom after the Universal Flood, builder of the Babel Tower and biblical cities of Mesopotamia like Babel, Urhuk, Caineh, Ninive, Resen, and others.
He was "the first to be powerful on Earth" and an exceptional hunter for Jeovah, and we see him normally with his bow and asirian clothes, hat and haircut. The bow represents the maximum power and cleverness.
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