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Draeger DM 220

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Draeger DM 220 - German Navy

Image 1: diver with the DM200 in 1971
Origin of the DM220

The development of the prototype DM220 begins in the first years of the 70's and was shown in the well known DRÄGER Magazine with the name of "Flachwasser Helmtauchgerät" (Diver Helm for shallow water). His only window was the central one.

In the later development of the DM200, the helmet incorporate a second window in top position but has no more brailes and neck seal, so it can be used with different dry suits with neck seals. A safety tank on the back can also be used.

Image 2: with and without brailes

1973 Dräger DM200

DM stands for "Dräger Model" an 200 is the maximal operational depth in meters. The helm has 12 bolts and closes with a quarter turn thread connection. It was sold in Germany to the Army, firefighters and commercial enterprises.

The DM200 helmet has very important advantages over other modern helmets, as his weight is supported on the diver's shoulders and not on the head. But this helmet has also some disaventadges:

  • The breast is too narrow to allow the diver to turn around his head inside.
  • The top window closed not very well and sometimes produced some waterleakings.
  • The exhaust valve was to close to the knob which secured the front window, and a diver working with gloves could inadvertently open the locking device of the window flooding the diving suit.
  • The neck-breast connection retained sand and other debris that caused some damage.

After complaints of the customers, Dräger modified the helmet and introduced the new DM220

Image 3: New situation of the exhaust valve. Small hole to allow the cleaning of the connection

In this new model, the exhaust valve was placed more on the back and the locking of the window was improved to avoid dangerous leakings. A small hole was also added to inyect water a some pressure to clean the connection eliminating sand and debris.

The DM200 and DM200 can be used with the dives wearing boots or fins, with front and rear weights to dive up to 15m deep or with a diving tank with an emergency regulator.

- These helmets are still used by the NATO divers and in most european countries.

Image 4: Fake DM220 made in China

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