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Spanish knife diver, Armada Española version 'B'

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Spanish knife
Knife diver, Armada Española, version 'B'

More info about Spanish knives

There are two versions of this Spanish knife, which is very rare and scarce in the market. It is of unknown manufacturer and we believe it was a craft production of the Balearic Islands (Majorca) and used by the Spanish Navy in 1953.
  • Version a
    The aluminum sheath is a single piece and the steel sheet, with a length of 35 cms. and 6.5 cms. wide, weighing 1.06 kg, approx.
  • Version b
    Much bigger than the version a and unlike this one, the sheath is made of two pieces of aluminum and is screwed, the handle is of aluminum, of dimensions 39 cms. of length and width 8 cms., with weight of 1,404 kgrs aprox.
Both were used by the Amphibious Sappers Unit "Illetas Group" of Majorca, were painted black as military camouflage, we believe that the aluminum sheath is due to facilitate magnetic isolation in the deactivation of mines.

The amphibious sappers unit of the group "illetas" (1953-1967) of Mallorca

This pioneering unit in the combat dive of the Spanish Navy, was born thanks to the enthusiasm and love for the diving of a small group headed by the then lieutenant of infantry of Marina Antonio Gorordo Alvarez and lieutenants Bisbal, Molins, Manzano all under The command of Captain Montojo. As instructors and collaborators at that time, it is important to mention the commander. Angel Rivera Casanova, and CRIS partners. Mr. Luis Maria Puyo Perez, Mr. Eduard Atmetlla, this unit ceased its performance in 1967.

Our thanks to the Marine Infantry Brigade Jose Amado Aneiros, who with their photographic reports make these pioneers faithful witnesses of the history of diving in our country.

It was on February 1,1967, that Captain Gorordo is transferred to Cartagena to support the Experimental Combat Divers Unit (UEBC), creating in 1970 the famous and prestigious Navy Diving Center (CBA) next to The Algameca submarine base.

Serve these short lines to extol and make known these pioneers of diving lovers of the sea and its surroundings ...
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