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Cuffs of USN Mark V suit

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Cuffs of USN Mark V suit

A pair of unused new old stock (NOS) cuffs for a USN Mark V deep-sea divers dress. The two cuffs come in their original packaging with the content description and military coding details. These were manufactured in 1958.
I have opened one packet to show the cuff and the other packet remains sealed. The cuffs are still supple and pliable and still have the packing powder on them. That is what the white specks are. Old powder. It washes off easily.
They are embossed HODGMAN RUBBER CO. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. with the date 10-58, although the packaging says 12-58.
They came in a box of assorted rubber goods from Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving.
An unusual NOS USN Mark V find from over 50 years ago.

Over the last three decades I bought the contents of several old scuba stores and individual diving lockers. Most of this was before the Internet was widely used and the boxes I bought were sometimes just placed in storage.
I am now going through the storage units and letting some of the items go. The item listed here was from the Coastal School of Deep of Sea Diving in Oakland, California, which was owned by Captain Al Mikalow.
Around 1954 ? 55 Mikalow had purchased the remnants of The Sparling School of Deep Sea Diving, in Wilmington, California, from E.R. Cross, and some of the items that I will be listing probably date back to that era and WWII.
I only buy pieces or change/sell the pieces published on my website with the tag "CHANGE - FOR SALE". If you have some things to offer or to change, we can speak about the price and in the case of change, we pay the price difference by cash. I’m a spanish collector of classic diving helmets, boots, knives, etc. Don't hesitance to contact us if you have some item to offer.