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Antique Mark V Dry Suit

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Antique Mark V Dry suit

Extremely rare and old Deep Sea Diving Suit made in the 40's or 50's by Hodgman Rubber Co. in Bramingham, Mass.
White canvas with black rubber parts, in very good conditions. Standard 12 bolts collar to accept the Mark V diving helmets used by the US Navy during WWII.
In the collar of the suit we can read the label of "Hodgman Rubber Co. 13-43 Bramingham, Mass., and in the rubber end of the sleeves "Mishawaka ind. co. 2-44 United States Rubber".
The boots are part of the suit, and the leg portion includes the eylets needed to adjust and tight the suit to the legs of the diver avoiding that the air remaining in the interior of the suit could put the diver upside down or increase the buoyancy pushing him out of control to the surface.

These old diving suits are made of two layers of "Asargarda" (very high density cotton canvas) glued together with a special rubber glue. The collar and the ends of the sleeves are made of vulcanized rubber.
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