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Spanish air supply pump "FERM"

  • Ref: o_1160
Spanish air supply pump "FERM"

Spanish pump (ca. 1940) built at the workshop FERM, 43 Vilá y Vilá street, Barcelona.
This pump provides enough air for two divers, is now still in very good conditions and with all his original parts. Was used with Nemrod and Spirotechnique equipments, for civil work and by the Spanish Navy.

Technical facts:
- 2 side wheels
- 2 Manometers marked "FERM, Vilá y Vilá 43, Barcelona" and signals for 7 kg and 68m of saltwater column.
- 2 Pistons with individual air valves
- Water cooling for the pistons
- Water exhaust
- 2 Support brackets

"One deep diver, two shallow divers".
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