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Ericson Underwater Telephone

  • Ref: o_1139
Ericson Underwater Telephone with communication for two divers from about 1930.
Plate: L.M. Ericsson Art. NºDPB 9011
Dykartelephon DPB 901, Nr 412680
Engraved: Sweden L.M. Ericsson Stockholm
elefonaktiebolaget L.M. Ericsson

Grounded in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson as a telegraph equipment repair shop, Ericsson is now one of the greatest swedish companies and leader inthe telecom field.
L.M.Ericsson was born in Varmland and worked in some repair shops. In 1876 he returns home after a long stay overseas and developed some new instruments for physics and mathematical applications, followed in 1878 by his first telephones.

Some years later he grounded LARS MAGNUS ERICSON Inc. and expanded his bussines to Russia and Poland. Settled in Stockholm after 1930, developed the Ericophone in 1950 and the new AXE digital system in 1970. In 1990, Ericsson has the leadership in celular phones production. In 2005 bougt the british Marconi and formed a joint venture with Sony.
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