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Joseph Cabirol Dive Helmet

  • Ref: c_2086
Joseph Cabirol Dive Helmet

Each helmet has his own history.

After my good friend the french "pieds lourds" Jacques Abdoun, the first owner of this Cabirol helmet was an italian diver named ZAGAMÉ BARTHÉLÉMY. Born at the island of Lipari, he recolected sponges and red coral until 1890 and then migrated to Algerie and grounded the "Société Algérienne de Sauvetage et travaux sousmarins" al Alger. After 1904 he specialiced his work in the reflotation of wrecks.

The capitals Z. B. engraved at the brailes and in the helmet are probably the initials of Zagamé Barthélémy, well known and admired in Alger for his underwater works. I'm gratfully with Jacques Abdoun for his knowledge. Now we can put the pioneer Zagame Barthélémy in the place that the history of the knights of the sea deserves to him.

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