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Toa Pearl Dive Helmet

  • Ref: c_2085
Toa Pearler Dive Helmet
Toa Pearler Helmet with 3 windows and 12 bolts and a beautiful and very old patina. It's the "black label" model, more scarce and most apreciated, without any further modification. A fantastic masterpiece!
It's origin is Burma, but he was working in the pearl industry in the small town of Broome, in Australia. All the villagers work at the pearl fields. But now the pressure of japanese competitors is very hard, their working systems have changed a lot and they don't use the old equipments any more. Today they work with wetsuits, masks and hookah. They need to work very hard to survive. With the better equipments and working systems of other asian competitors, like the japanese, their old way of life is next to desapear.

We will remember all these people that devoted his lifes to ground this old and beautiful industry in Australia, Japan and other countrys.

We don't forget you!!
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