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Diving helmet Salvas-Galeazzi

  • Ref: c_2053
Diving helmet Salvas-Galeazzi.
Shape 1905 2º Type o Salvas begnning 1920/30 put them in service to Galeaazi of 1950

This Italian helmet, it is very particular and rare, forms a part of a small lot of helmets that I deliver the Military Sea-coast to Galeazzi at the end of 1950 to put them in service, Galeazzi I apply to all of them a special plate " Galeazzi - the Spezia-Ricostr, " some of the helmets put in service were not of Galeazzi, but of different builders like Sias, Volleys, Slavas etc. But since we have indicated all they took the same plate of the edition " reconstr. "

This helmet is nicely Volleys, with coincidental matriculations though slightly legible, they look like 086, very old it might be about 1920/30, different spikes have been placed, of oval type and the capture of the telephone it is closed possibly they were forming a part of the work of putting in Galeazzi's service.
The helmets with plate " Galeazzi - The Spezia - Ricostr " are very scanty on the market, believe themselves they were a dozen, this one in addition has the most beautiful patina tries of his many years of work and of his antiquity.
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