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Schrader's Son Dive Knife

  • Ref: o_1064
Schrader's Son Dive Knife. This is an extremely rare maker marked WWI or WWII error diver's knife. I could not find any reference to this exact knife. Fine condition blade shows light surface scratch scuffing. Blade marked A.SCHRADER'S SON INC. BROOKLYN NY USA. Length of blade measures just over 7 inches. Wood grip in excellent shape. Heavy brass scabbard in very nice shape marked with a large 73 and 154 just above frog stud
I only buy pieces or change/sell the pieces published on my website with the tag "CHANGE - FOR SALE". If you have some things to offer or to change, we can speak about the price and in the case of change, we pay the price difference by cash. I’m a spanish collector of classic diving helmets, boots, knives, etc. Don't hesitance to contact us if you have some item to offer.