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Nemrod Diving Helmet

  • Ref: c_2047
Spanish Navy helmet Nemrod

The 12-bolt Nemrod helmets were built by the spanish workshops of NEMROD S.A, ground in 1935 by the Vilarrubís brothers for the production of toys. After, in 1941, beginns the production of masks, fins, snorkels and other diving equipments like regulators and spearguns.

In 1945 Nemrod becoms an internationally registred trade mark and beginns the exportation to the USA Soon arise some problems with the french La Spirotechnique because the patents of twin hose regulators (Asteria, V-2). The first workshop was built in Barcelona's quarter of La Sagrera, and in 1968 changed to wider facilities in Canovelles (about 40 km from Barcelona). Some equipments were build and/or finished in other workshops in the near. Soon SEAMLESS RUBBER beginns the distribution of Nemrod products in the american market with the indication of "by Semless", but eveything was made in Spain. In the 80's the german Metzeler bought Nemrod, and after, Pirelli bought Metzeler. The name of Nemrod was written on the wall, and bankrupcy arrives in 1990.

12 bolts Nemrod helmet, "Equipos Nemrod".
In the label of this model we can see an archer with frisian hat charging his bow and the name of EQUIPOS NEMROD. Was made circa 1959 and belongs to one of the last batches, with small differences to the oldest helmets like a more rounded shape, spit-valve and a different position for the weights. But remains the biggest improvement among other helmets of his time: helmet and front window are sealed with O-rings.

In his label we can see the hunter wearing his babilonian hat and charging the bow, together with the inscription of "Nemrod el cazador" * "Rey de Babilonia", who asked to be provided with english security valves made by Siebe Gorman.
Weight is 23 , 500kg, has two oval sidewindows with protections and a frontwindow with a dome-shaped glass similar to that of the old french helmets.

Is marked with " 231 ", and the same inscription is also in the inner side of the collaret, in the inner side of the helmet and in the air hose connection. The security valve looks like the typical english valve required by the Spanish Navy for security.

They were using the "American" system of control and closing of the manual air, that is to say the supply of the air was not going directly to the hull(helmet), but there was inserted a manual valve of regulation that was anchored in one of the screws of the bib(breast-plate), of way is the diver could classify(confer a degree) voluntarily and up to closing completely the air supply of the surface, avoiding this way rapid subidas in ball, so frequent accidents in the epoch.

For the underwater communication they used the metallic english equipment of Siebe Gorman & Co.Ltd. Chessington, Surrey to D.E.E. Branch 2 spec nº 322/RZ from 1936. This portable equipment was regular for the Spanish Army of this time.

The most used boots were also british, light, with withe canvas and leather, ondulated lead sole and brass front, and a weight of 6,700 kg.

This helmet was shown at the first edition of the Salon Nautico de Barcelona (year 1963), as we can read in an article of the newspaper ABC. Never was used underwater.

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