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Spirotechnique, spanish helmet

The last batch of helmets from La Spirotechnique were built around 1963 by the spanish dealer (Spirotechnique España, c. Canteras 30, Barcelona, Spain). They built about 200 helmets, but only with decorative purposes. Each spanish retailer should have one in his shop as advertising of Spirotechnique. All these helmets were built without support of the "mother" Spiro from France to avoid possible problems with registration, customs and other burocratic issues. They were build theoretically as "decorative items", but with a so hight degree of perfection that they are operational and can be used for diving without modifications. In fact, some of these helmets were used by the Marina Nacional Española and the Escuela Náutico Pesquera de Alicante, were i learn to dive with this equipments.

On the label we can see the logo and name of La Spirotechnique and also the "BUZ S.A." at left. The Nr. 126 is present in the four sectors, in the inner and outer side of the helmet, in the front window and also in the air conection manifold. The weight is of 20,650 kg, it's absolutely hand made, and his 12 bolts are similar to the Siebe Gorman helmets with four windows, but this windows are round in the Spirotechnique and square in Siebe Gorman. Like the old french helmets, it has external protection only in the top side window.

Other items are very similar to what we found in the english helmets. As accesories fot these equipment were built also special boots with a sole of wood and lead, and a weight of 13250gr for the pair (see ref. 1059)

Helmet Spirotechnique n º 126, 12 bolts
Old Spanish helmet spirotechnique, with an old woman and agreeable patina, with features of having worked hard, is complete and they do not appear you reform not even patches. It is this one of few helmets spirotechnique that meet on the market signs of having worked, constructed several you send remittances sold at the Spanish Navy and diver's companies, that exchigían to take the English valve, expiring as the norm of obligatory safety(security) in Spain for the equipments of work of classic diver.
Spirotechnique 12 bolts, 4 windows, Plate n º 126, helmet-plastron-brailes all numbered with n º 126, total weight of 20,650 kgrs aprox.

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