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Siebe Gorman diving telephone

Siebe Gorman two diver teak box Admiralty pattern telephone.

This telephone shows the set of attendant’s instruments, comprising a headband with two receivers, together with a transmitter (microphone) slung near the mouth. The diver wears the white cloth bonnet which has receivers attached, the wires of which are plugged into the socket fixed inside the helmets. The transmitter is fixed in the helmets close to the diver’s mouth, as in an emergency chin button.

The operating instruction sheet, inside the lid, and various switches and labels are self explanatory. No 1 Diver has a bell and nº 2 Diver has a buzzer, so that the attendant knows which diver is calling, Divers who were rather hard of hearing preferred this receivers with the cloth bonnet because it excluded all external noises.

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