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Miller Dunn 3

This is one of the most famous shallow water helmets of its time, was built by the company MILLER DUNN CO in Miami-Florida used by the Navy and civil estates still today.

This company built three different models, the most famous of which was the model No. 3 in 1940, with notable improvements of the other models, with four windows for greater visibility, and two weights, one in the front and another in the back., The helmet adopts the shape Of the head of the diver, so it is easier to move it backwards. Reinforced in its lower edge by a double cord, In this model nÂș3 the air enters the lower side with a deflector that directs the air towards the central window, this allows to leave a small amount of air in case of rupture of the umbilical cord of air.

The air is supplied with a small Miller Dunn pump of two small cylinders manually operated, it is for small interventions at shallow depth, the propaganda of then says that it can be supplied with a pump to give air to the bicycles, ideal for gas stations and Red Cross posts near the water, nautical ports, etc.

When the diver inspires the water level inside the hull rises, and vice versa, when the air is released this level of water from the interior descends leaving air on the lower edges of the hull, it is due to the little flow of air supplied from the surface.

This helmet is in very good condition, it keeps its original leads, very difficult thing since in the majority they are lost, its patina is pleasant and very old.

Total weight of Miller Dunn Style 3 is 27,30 kg.

License plate:

Divinhood Style 3
-Navy standard-
U.S.U115793-1595908 AND FOREIGN PATENS

On the upper side of the central window is marked 615

Weight of helmet without leads 16,15 kgrs

Front lead

Weight 3.5 kg.
FRONT- WT. 8. 0

On the back marked 16

Rear lead

Weight 7.65 kg.
BACK-WT. 17. 4


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