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Ref: o_1208
Manual, vertical pump of two cylinders
Piece with ideal exterior(foreign) weight, measures 123 cmx30 cmx 12 cm. And I weigh of: 14,600 Kgrs
This mark is the mas known and famous by his your material of intervention in small depths thanks to the helmets Divinhood, This bi-cylindrical bomb to simple action is constructed for depths that do not exceed the 12 mts aprox.

I only buy pieces or change/sell the pieces published on my website with the tag "CHANGE - FOR SALE". If you have some things to offer or to change, we can speak about the price and in the case of change, we pay the price difference by cash. I’m a spanish collector of classic diving helmets, boots, knives, etc. Don't hesitance to contact us if you have some item to offer.

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