Kit #4 - Joseph Scauda

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Joseph Scauda
Born in Napoli (Italy), grounded a company in 1896 that last until 1945. Specialized in nautical instruments, his workshop was in the old harbour of Marseille and the official name was "SCAUDA atelier de construction mecanique de machines, de scaphandres et casques". The address was "48 Quai de Rive-Neuve. Marseiile".
At the beginning he repaired old diving helmets like the built by his compatriot Joseph Cabirol, but some time later he build his own helmets.

Joseph Scauda dive helmet
Most of the helmets built by Scauda have 12 bolts, but some have only 3. The upper side of the helmets is wider than usual, with a central window, two side windows and an other one on the top. Thanks to this last window, placed near the side windows, the diver can look upwards without tilting his head, similar as with the typical helmets fused by the sponges collectors.
The brailes are double reinforced like in the Cabirol helmets, and the air-banana is very simple and made of copper (Cabirol). The central window has a diameter of 15cm, and the other windows 12 cm. A Scauda helmet with 12 bolts has a weight of about 15,4 kg.

Joseph Scauda Boots
Joseph Scauda build also his own diving boots, tottaly in brass with sole and sides also of brass and marked with a "J" and a "S", two belts and a weight of 4,55 kg., similar to the light boots of Siebe Gorman.
They are very different os the usual boots of his time, made of lead, wood and leather.

Joseph Scauda air supply pump
The Scauda air pumps were not so popular. They are small, mounted in a wood frame and called "Tabouret" by the french divers. The maximum diving depth with thies pumps is of 30m, and they were designed with the sponge collectors in mind.

THREE PISTONS PUMP Numbered 131-132-133,and with a 13 in the crank, small air tank.

Manometer up to 3 kg
Label: "SCAUDA atelier de construction mecanique de machines, de scaphandres et casques, 48 Quai de Rive-Neuve Marseille"
Weight of the pump with box: 92,3 kg.
Dimensions: 51 x 45 x 43 cm
Handles: 2 with a diameter of 55 cm and a weight of 22,15 kg. each.
Frame: weight of 9 kg and dimensions of 60x47x39 cm

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